Should You Buy A Copier?

Purchasing a copier can be immensely beneficial to your business. Especially with the technology that modern copiers have, you will not only have the basic copier functionality, but will also have options for network printing, scanning, sorting, sizing, duplexing, and faxing. Having a company-owned photocopier machine can help improve productivity, ensure that your documents are appropriately managed and support all sorts of business operations. 

Benefits Of Buying A Copier

If you decide to buy a copier, you will be able to reap a number of benefits. You will get full ownership of the copier and possess all rights to it, while also having the authority to decide where, when, and how to use your photocopier. When you buy a copier, you will only have to pay a set cost, as opposed to leasing or renting, which would involve continuous month-to-month billing. This is decidedly cheaper in the long run. Having a photocopier on site also instantly boosts staff productivity as it makes work a lot more efficient and convenient. This is especially true with modern copiers and their network features. 

What Factors To Consider If You Want To Buy A Copier Machine? 

Often, it can be quite a daunting task to buy a photocopier machine. However, as long as you have a clear idea of your business needs and budget, you can easily make a good choice with the help of One Imaging Solution. 

Consider the following factors when buying a copier:

  • Copy speed: a  typical copier that is shared between 3 to 10 people will normally have a copy speed of 25-45 pages per minute. 
  • Copy volume: If you are a larger business, you might want to invest in a copier with a large copy volume.
  • Network capability: Most copiers come with full network functionality to ensure convenience and efficiency.
  • Scanning features: Copiers now have the ability to scan directly onto your desktop, email, or key business applications. 
  • Manufacturer: It is important to look at the manufacturer’s reputation and the device track record before making a purchase.
  • Aftersale support options: Support services like regular maintenance and servicing are important to ensure the proper and continuous functioning of your copier. 

Buy A Copier With One Imaging Solution

If you are looking for a copier to buy, we have got you covered! One Imaging Solution has an extensive range of photocopiers to suit any and all of your business needs. We deal with everything from delivery and installation, maintenance and servicing afterward, as well as technical support. So rest assured that for all your SG copier needs, we will be able to provide a solution. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Copier Is The Best?

The best copier for your business depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. You can consult with us at One Imaging Solution as we can provide expert advice on which copier would be most suitable for you.

Is A Copier The Same As Xerox?

No, a copier is not the same as Xerox. Xerox is a brand that manufactures copiers, printers, and other document management solutions. Over time, “Xerox” has become synonymous with the act of photocopying because of the company’s significant contribution to the development of photocopying technology. While Xerox is a popular and reputable brand in the industry, there are many other copier manufacturers and brands available on the market.

Is There A Copier That Doesn’t Need A Computer?

Yes, there are many stand-alone copiers available that do not require a computer to operate. These copiers typically have a built-in user interface and offer basic functionality like copying and sometimes scanning. They are designed for simpler copying needs and may not have advanced features or network connectivity. If you require additional functionality or network capabilities, you may need a copier that can be connected to a computer or a network.