Copier Rental in Singapore

Buying a copy machine brings convenience and time-saving benefits for a lot of offices. However, this also comes with a very high price tag that not everyone can afford, along with high maintenance costs. This is where you can consider copier rental instead. This can give your business a copier machine without breaking the bank. Rental copiers also come with a number of other advantages making them a great option for smaller businesses or start-ups that lack access to funding for in-office equipment.

Benefits of Copier Rental

There are a number of benefits that come with copier rental. Copier leasing or renting comes with a low upfront cost, ensuring that you can make use of a copier at a reasonable rate. With copier rental, you can also invest in getting the latest copier technology that perfectly suits your business needs as opposed to if you were to buy a copier, where you would likely have to invest in a more conservative model.

In terms of savings, the longer the rental period, the more competitive prices you can get access to. You will have to choose for how long you will need to lease a copier. For most companies and businesses, the recommended contract period is at least one year. Monthly lease payments are also tax-deductible. At the end of each lease period, you also have the option of upgrading your copier, which is not an option if you were to buy a copier. Finally, copier rental comes with maintenance and servicing for the copier, ensuring that it is in good working condition throughout the rental period.

Lease a Copier with One Imaging Solution

At One Imaging Solution, we take the time to understand all the requirements of every company we work with so that we can provide the best possible copier rental solution. We have a wide range of copier machines available, from simple and basic machines to highly sophisticated, versatile, and multifunctional machines.

Rent a copier machine via One Imaging Solution so that you can ensure that the entire process is entirely hassle-free and easy for you. With all of our rates quoted upfront, you do not even have to worry about any hidden charges.

Our rental services are perfect for companies looking to install a machine at their offices, particularly if it is a start-up, mobile office, pop-up office, or event. We also have in-house technicians that will help to maintain and service your copier throughout its time with you, ensuring that your machines are in the best possible shape.

Lease a copier today!

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